how to Clean Bathroom Mirror

How To Clean Bathroom Mirror?

. How To Clean Bathroom Mirror? You don’t have to work very hard to clean it. Due to the busy schedule of the day, it is not possible for everyone to keep the house clean and tidy by following the rules. However, this problem can be solved by knowing some simple ways. A lot of things inside the four walls are waiting for the cleaning campaign once a year. The mirror of your hobby is also waiting in one corner of the wall. In the dust, which is so fuzzy, it becomes a liability to show one’s face. Once the mirror is dirty, it is not possible to make it look new again. No matter how much it is cleaned with expensive liquid, the stain remains a bit. Again, because there is no glass cleaner in the house, the mirror cannot be cleaned properly. There is no problem without a glass cleaner. It is possible to remove the dirt from the mirror in some domestic way and make it shine like new. The benefits will come only if you take some simple steps. So let’s find out how to make your mirror shine as well as your bathroom mirror.

Clean Bathroom Mirror With Shaving Cream/Foam:

Saving foam to make the mirror shine!

Water spilled on the bathroom mirror. Which becomes much more difficult to lift. Apply shaving foam or cream to this mirror and wipe it off with a cloth after a while. You will see that all the stains of water have gone up. However, remember, do not apply shaving cream to the mirror for a long time. This can lead to reverse spots also.

Clean Bathroom Mirror
How To Clean Bathroom Mirror

Clean Bathroom Mirror With Tea Bag:

After drinking tea, do not throw away the tea bag and rub the mirror well with it. Then wipe with a cotton cloth or table tissue before the water dries. Then wipe well with a light wet cotton cloth. See how bright the mirror becomes.

Clean Bathroom Mirror With Newspapers: I

t is possible to make the mirror look new even with the newspaper kept at home. Rub the mirror with the newspaper soaked in water. Now wipe with a soft cloth. You can also soak the newspaper in water mixed with vinegar if you want. This will make your mirror look new.

Clean Mirror with Baking soda:

If the stains are more, it is possible to easily remove the mirror stains by using baking soda. Take one teaspoon of baking soda in a cloth and rub it well in the whole mirror. Now wipe the mirror with a towel soaked in water. You see, the mirror stains are gone in an instant.
Distilled water: The mirror is better cleaned with distilled water than with water. Wipe the mirror well with distilled water on a cloth. It will make the mirror shiny with daily use. you can also use baking soda to clean the bathroom floor.

Clean Mirror With Vinegar:

There is no comparison to vinegar to make the mirror shine like new. Mix one cup of water with one cup of vinegar in a bottle. Now spray the vinegar mixture on the mirror. This will make the mirror look new again.

How To Clean your Bathroom Mirror
How To Clean your Bathroom Mirror


No matter how many lemons there are acidic. It is better to match his pair to clean things. Especially in the case of mirrors. In a bowl, mix three parts lemon juice and one part water. Spread it in the mirror and after a while remove it with a microfiber cloth.


Toner used for beauty treatment is also one of the tools for cleaning mirrors. Apply expired toner well in the mirror. Leave it for a while. Don’t wait too long. Wipe with a soft cloth. You will get a brand new mirror.

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